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Graduation in One Year Degree Programs

Graduation Degree in One Year Degree Programs India

Graduation In One Year – 1 Year Degree Courses– WES & all  Embassy Approved  UGC, AICTE, MHRD Recognised .About Graduation in One Year Fast Track course with 100% course completion guaranteed.One Sitting Fast Track Degree  Degree. Distance BA, Bcom, BBA, BCA, BSC IT MBA. Apply Online Worldwide Recognise B.A, Bcom, BBA, BCA, BSC IT, MBA, MCA, MSC IT.UGC Approved affordable online graduation course with 100% course completion guaranteed.

Mygraduationpath Provide Best Fast Track Degree Graduation in One Year One Sitting Degree, Single Sitting Distance Education Degree Courses From UGC, DEC, AICTE, MHRD,WES Attestation BCI, PCI, NCTE & Govt Recognized Universities Approved Graduation Course – Complete in Short Duration affordable online graduation course with 100% course completion guaranteed.

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Graduation Degree in One Year Benefits

One Sitting Fast Track Degree normally a Degree One Year program for those students who are Discontinued & Failed Students from any UGC MHRD Approved University. If any student has discontinuation proof with them and also have the gap years as well as & Save your Gap Years with the help of Credit Transfer then theses students can apply for Fast Track Degree by One Sitting Degree Program via UGC MHRD Approved University. Student Can complete it Degree One Year.

  • Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio
  • All Embassy Aprroved Higher Studies Abroad Approved
  • Embassy Attestation Approved
  • Be able to graduate and focus on personal responsibilities sooner
  • Save money on tuition and other college expenses.

Benefits of Accelerated Degree Courses, Fast Track Graduation in One Year You don’t have time, or the schedule, to invest in a four-year program.

  • Fast Track Mode Courses - WES & all Embassy Approved UGC, AICTE, MHRD Recognised
  • UGC Approved Graduation Course - Complete in Short Duration
  • One Sitting Degree | Single Sitting Degree | Graduation in One Year | Fast Track Degree. From UGC, DEC, AICTE, MHRD,WES Attestation BCI, PCI, NCTE & Govt Recognized Universities
  • Affordable Graduation in one year Degree - Globally Accredited&Recognized
  • Fast Track Degree in Dubai, Now Students can save their time of gap years of 2 or 3 Years who have discontinued their study after 12th or Graduation. Candidates can complete their Degree in One Year.

One Year Graduation Course Regular Credit

Distance Graduation In One Year, Study From Anywhere Distance education is a form of learning that doesn’t require the students to physically attend the classes.Online Degree Courses in India Apply Online Degree Courses (BA, BCom, BBA, BCA, BSc IT, BSc CS, MA, MCom, MBA, MCA, MSc IT & MSc CS) from Top UGC-DEB Approved Online Universities.

One Year Graduation Course Regular Credit

Regualr Graduation In One Year Students can now pursue 2 degree courses simultaneously. Regualr  Education Courses & Universities – Get a Bachelor’s Degree Fast Can transfer their degree credit PG/ B-Tech/ Diploma from one UGC-approved university/institute to another by applying for degree credit transfer. Degree credit transfer scheme is outlined and approved by UGC’s Choice Based Credit System or CBCS. This system works within and across India and is applicable for transfer, discontinued, and failed students (within certain limitations).

Every student has a dream of achieving high Career growth with a lucrative salary and top most position in the company but due to lack of an academic degree they failed to achieve this. So the Idea behind this concept is to resolve the problems Facing by students & working professionals who have left their studies in between after +2 or Graduation. Due to Problems, limitations, some students College Dropout  leave their studies and start working to earn money and then get carried away with their studies. This One Year Degree Program not only helps the working Professionals but also helps those students who have discontinued studying but now desires to finish college faster do graduation Graduate Faster Lateral Entry Scheme: Lateral Entry allows candidates with pre-requisite qualifications to get directly enrolled into 2nd year of a course.

Why Would You Want to Do Graduation Degree in One Year ?

You want to enter the workforce as soon as possible Between the increasing tuition rates and the opportunity to start gaining work experience earlier than your peers who can become your competitors, the concept of graduating from college earlier is intriguing for many students. Some of the top reasons why they want to graduate earlier have to do with their own college experiences, financial matters, or even career opportunities ,Increased Access to Job Opportunities Degree in One Year program, pursued under lateral entry or credit transfer or break-in studies scheme, is absolutely valid. It is approved by UGC, AICTE, AIU & DEB.

Process of taking Online Admission in Graduation in One Year Courses:


CREDIT TRANSFER : If a Student has completed 1st and 2nd Year of Graduation from any UGC DEB recognized University and  left the Graduation Program. Then He can apply for directly final year of Graduation and complete the Graduation Degree in One Year in Hyderabad.

BREAKING STUDY : Breaking study is the process where student left the graduation in any of the year like 1st, 2nd Year or Final Year. In this option, Student needs to attend all the 1st, 2nd 3 Year exams in One Single Sitting.

Lateral Entry : If a student has completed any diploma program & wants to admission in relevant similar field then he is eligible for Lateral Entry process. In this option, student can directly apply for 2nd Year or 3 Year of Graduation. and complete the Graduation Degree in One Year via lateral Entry Mode.

So save your Gap Years and get enrolled today to complete your Graduation or Post Graduation course in One Year.

Online Fast Track Degree in One Year Distance Learning University Degrees Online Degree from Top Ranked University & Achieve remarkable Career Growth.

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